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750 words, or at least enough noise to hear the trees

2011 02 03

Still feels – almost two years later – like the economic forest is being clearcut. Several people I know on long term unemployment.  A few small businesses I was proud to work with are wiped clean from Google local. My work goals are smaller.  My personal goals much larger. 

I was in the “be something important” mindset through my 20s, and I feel conflicted saying that I wouldn’t even now take fame and fortune if it rained down from the heavens, or if I sweated it out my pores.  But the cultural tug of it has been slowly untangling through the growth of some true friendships through my thirties. The flashy importance has been replaced with the more fragile  business of trying to right by those around me and try to better understand the business practices that act as a framework to be ethical and put food on the table. 

In that spirit, I’m posting a song I’ve not been able to get out of my head since listening to KEXP’s Roadhouse earlier this month. Terrific tune that dips on the chordal tightrope between beauty and sadness.  The story behind it has the same spruce smell as the nurselogs lying in piles around us.

I’m trying to write a little more this year.  I tried to use 750 words to encourage me.  It failed miserably.  You might start seeing more posts here, or on a coming soon company blog.  Any feedback would help.

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  1. 2011 02 03 6.32 am

    Lovely post, lovely tune. Keep’m coming!

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