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Garden Progress

2009 05 04


In case you’re wondering, I’ve been busy.  Who knew joblessness could be such a job?


But what a great week it’s been!  Several starts of spinach in the ground, 6 of kale, 2 more of collards.  Sowed sage, radishes and carrots. Lettuce will go in this week, along with the dill and sowing the beets.  The summer squash should germinate late this week or early next.  With the potatoes starting in May, the garden will be fully planted for the first time since we’ve lived here.  It did literally take 4 weeks of unemployment to make it work. 


While there were ineffiencies to my process, I would definitely have to use 2 weeks vacation in April in the future.  I’ve had leftover vacation time to spend in the past, but I think everyone’s time is about to become more precious.


Some of the inefficiencies were really about how much time to spend on planning vs. actually working the yard.  What’s the right size for each of the beds, when I don’t know which vegetables are going where and the appropriate sowing size spread for each?  Not rocket science, but there were too many variables in the first year to simply discover. 


this is an edible groundcover.  definitely enjoyed it as a collard substitute.

tyfon is an edible groundcover. definitely enjoyed it as a collard substitute.

Instead, I did two runs of weeding the spring beds, when I should have had the tyfon sowed in all the unused beds last August.  I had originally done a 4×5 run of tyfon, just to understand how it germinated.  I’m definitely focusing on the habit rather than the yield in the first year.


Some of the seedlings were experiments rather than being useful things to transplant.  Who wants 6 plants of kale pushing leaves through the entire summer?  Do I change my mind and rip out half to focus more on carrots and herbs? 


And then for the future, how do I manage to ramp this pace through July and the second sowing?


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