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Garden Progress

2009 04 09

Trying to keep up with all the spring movement is impossible at this point.  Last week was a chance for expanding our knowledge – we spent the afternoon at a friend’s home in Capitol Hill.  She’s raising seedlings in her basement with the help of a cheap fluorescent light.  She also has a chicken coop with four wonderful hens for fresh eggs, and ~20×20 space with raised beds. 

I had resisted buying lights up to this point, thinking that having the greenhouse would be sufficient.  Having waited three days since planting spinach, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, kale, and herbs with no germination, I was relieved to hear about her success raising from seed in the cavelike confines of her basement.  Classic word of mouth example – I drove to Lowe’s the next day, and picked up a two-bulb 4- foot combo for about $35 all told.  There’s probably a better-informed choice, but this did the job.  1 day later, I had two spinach sprouts.  By Sunday we had 20 or more, with the brussel sprouts, kale and dill peeking out as well.


In addition to the great advice, we also took away from fresh eggs from her chicken coop.  I used a couple for some poached eggs, my favorite style of cooking them, and Lil hard-boiled the rest.  Tasty!


I’d like to plant the potatoes today, and harvest the tyfon and the last of the tah tsoi, before it completely goes to seed.  The longer evening hours are a help and a hindrance – I’m always confused about how much time I have before bed.

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