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Garden Progress

2009 03 30

I spent last week assembling all of the elements needed for upgrading the greenhouse.  The space is not insulated particularly well, and ventilation is poor too. I bought some glass sealant for a couple of trouble spots, and replaced a couple of examples of broken glass on the north wall. I will most likely wait another month or so before replacing the fan. The connected shed is all but collapsed.  I’ve avoided the situation, but know it’s a fire drill waiting to happen.    

I’ve separated the seeds that can be started inside vs. those that need to be sown directly.  I found that distinction on most seed packets.  The seedling starter should complete the necessary elements.  You can see some of our initial plans for seedlings in the photo.


We will plant some potatoes this week.  Everything else that’s sown outdoors will most likely not be planted for another few weeks.  Maybe more if this crazy winter weather continues.


I pulled out some surprising overwintered Nantes carrots.  Most were eaten up with rust maggots, but slicing off the bad spots and adding to a stew made them more delicious than any store bought I’ve found.  Apparently the rust fly only lays eggs at a limited range of temperatures, so careful planning and quick harvesting can do wonders in limiting rust fly infestation.

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