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Where to, Hoss?

2009 03 10

[Cross-posted at Windows Live Spaces]

Spent the last couple of days thinking about where I want to head next.  I remember the last time I was unemployed for an extended period of time, it was 2002, and I spent the year beating my head against the recession desert of job listings in tech-heavy Seattle. 


After a few months, I gave up and started training for my MCSA certification, thinking I would change careers.  Though I earned the certification and worked on a few systems administration projects, I eventually went back to webcasting as I had been doing in 2001. Lesson learned about changing careers, I have no interest in “starting salary.” 


The certification turned out to be an indirect launching pad for the last 5 years.  The webcasting vendor that I joined was targeting audiences that had earned the same certification I had earned.  My first lesson in marketing immersion.  I had instant audience insights about day-to-day pains of the work.  I could look at marketing content and identify whether  it would attract the audience or alienate them.  The success I had was a high that I rode into several promotions and other marketing opps.


I feel a mirror scenario is occurring this time around.  Due to my former employer’s thoughtfulness around my layoff, there’s a little bit of breathing room before I start to panic about the loss of paycheck. I can spend my time looking for marketing jobs in a field that is clearly topsy turvy with the shake-up in traditional media, or I can try to get ahead of the curve, leveraging the experience I bring to bear.


With that in mind, I’m going to relaunch my blog, which was originally on LiveSpaces.  Spaces offered a great chance for me to try out new ways to keep my family & friends up to date with my doings, but not necessarily an innovative platform for the plethora of social options available in 2009.  One of my fave local/travel bloggers, Nerd’s Eye View, recommended WordPress, so I signed up.  The plan is to focus on hyperlocal trends (a meme that I think has legs in this “nu-new-nouveaux” economy), online/offline community management, locavore news, and music production.  It’s a little personal, a little professional, and something that I hope will point the way to where I’m headed next.


On the headphones: TED talk with David Holt

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